Cycling through the Altun Mountains (and living to explain it)

overview map stormkorpdotse When searching documentation for this post (Ruoqiang to Mangnai Zhen, probably the only difficult part of this trip), I stumbled upon a blog (I should say, a photo blog) with photos of a bike trip from Golmud to Kashgar. Two guys and a gal went from Golmud to Mangnai Zhen, and then entered the Altun Plateau.

They crossed the path of Ella and Peter at the very beginning, in the Ayyakum Lake, and then they went South

Alas, this is, essentially a photo blog, and a little text had been welcomed. I have looked in their blog to find a contact email, to ask their authorization to put some photos, and to link to them but I did not find the contact address.

Here is the link ->

They rode (well, sometimes they rode, sometimes they just push the bike through marshes, snow, slush, mud, rivers), they were charged by a yak, and they did not see anybody in 39 days. And that means that they had food enough for so many days (Ella and Peter had a rifle, as had Owen Lattimer, and they were able to hunt), they climbed two peaks (Kukushili, 6388m and Purog Kangri, 6438m), and they removed a tooth with a Leatherman multitool…

It is a really interesting reading. They lived a s.XXI adventure, without making any fuss of it.

Photos are borrowed from their blog


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